One thing I want to focus on the coming time is Business and Entrepreneurship. I want to be aware what is happening in the world and to anticipate to it. To do that I want to talk to professionals more and dive into different interest of people in the market like entrepreneurs, staff members and customers. I will surround myself with entrepreneurial people with a passion to motivate myself to stay curious.

Another thing I want to develop is my skills regarding to Technology and Realization. To make sure that ideas become reality prototyping is a very important aspect. I want to be able to use the right method of prototyping for a new idea. Whether that is making use of electronics or 3D printing. To start with this is it important that I understand what I am doing, what opportunities there are and how I am going to reach the result. These will be the questions that I will keep asking myself.

Another thing I want to grow is my own business in creating business plans and helping others realize ideas. My passion for entrepreneurship can motivate others to make things work. Just starting off will be the way for me to motivate myself. This may lead to new opportunities and experiences. While doing this I want to tell other people about what I am doing so that the process of starting will help itself. I want to be able to go for it for the full 100% and take the responsibility for make this dream come true.


A sight into my Personal Development Plan

A sight into my Future Vision