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Independence | Balance | Teamwork | Freedom | Developement


A way to describe myself would be development-oriented. Adding value is what I endeavor. A life-long learning style suits me based on my awareness of the fact that everything is constantly moving and developing. Growing with the flow is what I do. Aligned with that, I do this in a balanced way to sustain growth. This means taking into account different aspect of problems and solutions as well as sustaining a balance in the design process itself.


Systemic and intuitive would be two concepts to describe me and my ways of working best. In general I am an analytical thinker that rationalizes concepts and wants to understand the bigger picture. This means I am gathering opinions, facts and perspectives to scope them down to an overview or one perspective that can be used for ideation. The ideation process is often intuitive and focused on experiencing.


Being able to use the most appropriate technique to communicate concepts gives me more freedom in setting the most suitable goal and mapping out the steps that need to be taken to get there. Being willing to learn any skill needed to reach a desired goal gives me the independence to create concepts.


On the other hand, teamwork shows to be an important factor for successful work since the interaction between multiple expertise’s can lead to development. My passion for designing for an through learning helps me to spread ideas and concepts. This can serve teamwork in the future.


The main problem I see in this world it that it is out of balance. Nowadays, most attention is put into Profit and People where the Planet is left behind. This creates a big difference in the situations around the world. This may be due to culture and value differences. An example of this are the clashing needs for individualism and collectivism.


Restoring the balance requires understanding of the bigger picture as well as a systemic approach. Creating this sustainability as a balance can be approached in several ways. Main trends lie in creating awareness and value change where on the other hand innovation is seen as a solution.


To create a balance between these two approaches, and therefore, a bigger force as a solution, teamwork is needed. Communication and interaction between different expertise’s shows to be a struggle.

As a designer for sustainability, I improve teamwork between people working on sustainability with different approaches. I do this by focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals Quality Education, Affordable and Clean Energy and Decent Work and Economic Growth. In this process, I use design as a mean and as a goal.


I believe that education is the most powerful weapon to create a growth mindset for myself and others in order to work on restoring a balance between People, Profit and the Planet. The development of solutions proves to be quickest when there is a union of theoretical, practical, and experiential knowledge. Design can play an important role to let those learning methods meet.


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